I have the whole house to myself, and loving it. I go and pick up my  new kitty tomorrow, and was supposed to drop off Ashley’s kitty, but I am not going to do so. She has to get her home in order first.

I found out I am going to be off on Saturday night, and have decided I am going to take advantage of driving for a new company called Uber. It’s not so new, just a lot of publicity for it lately. Anyhow, It took me a good two hours to get cleaning done at my home yesterday, and cleaned out all the bins in the living room, and put them in the extra bedroom.

I haven’t checked my ebay account in a couple days and need to do this. I also have a bunch of stuff I am going to try and sell on my store site with the company.

Anyway just keeping you updated on everything. Hope everyone has a blessed and safe weekend.


In the way!

To update everyone, my daughter is finally moving into her own little TinyHouse/Art Studio. And we are so excited. But it seems like things just keep getting in the way of her success. I usually write about stuff in my life but I wanted to share trials for her these past few days.

It all started on Sunday when her friend sideswiped another car, only to find out she had gone to school with the other driver, how ironic. We thought we had some help coming on Monday to move her but she told him at work Monday night not to worry about it, she had had had a really bad night at work.

Monday afternoon/evening they were coming home from town and the breaks failed on them yet again.  Oh and did I mention the flat tire twice last week. So now we have to figure out where we can take this car to fix it and where we can afford to pay for it and get him back on the road. Ronnie’s like it;s not your problem why worry about it, but it is my problem he is my daughters friend and she was in the car when all this was going on. And he is her ride to and from work it’s a catch 20 situation.

Only other option for a car is let him drive mine and I find another car. I don’t know if that is such a good idea. Let me know what your take is on it.

So now we have to put our heads together and get the breaks fixed so he can get it up to Shanes automotive repair, He is the only one I trust at the moment. I still have to take my car up there for inspection my stickers are due to get renewed next month.

Now for the furniture, we had help today but it’s raining ugh. I was laying in the bed this am and thinking about it and I’m like it would be so much easier to get a double double high air mattress, and a couple folding chairs. Let her use the 4 ft table we use for the art shows for her art desk. We shall see what happens.She wants to put this big ass loveseat I’m getting in a couple days in the house but I’m afraid it’s going to be to big.

So now the issue is this yes I want her out on her own where she can have an art studio/living space. She is also in a good location for this by the way. Lots of traffic. But the problem is getting her to and from work

Now Ronnie is trying to start a fight with me literally telling me what to do, and he is being an ass by the way. And I told him to save his breath I wasn’t going to listen to him, so he keeps on and on and dang it I left my anxiety medicine at the trailer yesterday. And I am to the point of getting my stuff together and getting the fuck out of this house.

I’m sorry for the language but I am upset right now.

So close

I am so close to actually being free, really really free of my worries of my nagging husband, of my child that is the last to get out on her own. I am so thankful for that. She will be moving into her Tiny House this weekend.

Then once she moves I can clean, I mean really clean, and set up her room as a guest bedroom, and get permission to rent it out to Airbnb, for some extra income. I am going to start driving for Uber this weekend. Going to see how that goes. Plus I also ordered business cards so I can put them around town. I need to get some business card holders to keep them in. So hopefully I’ll be the one to put Oxford on the Uber map.

My husband, OMGoodness, it will be so nice to be free from him. I’ve been told by  many many people don’t move back in and you will want to leave in a few month. I don’t even want to move in, so when Ashley moves out I’ll be able to relax and enjoy my new place all to myself. I am so thankful for everything I have, and have worked hard for it.

My thoughts

So why am I sitting here up in the middle of the night on a Saturday night. So many thoughts going through my mind.

I hope my daughter moving into her own place will work out. She needs to be on her own. I can’t handle her messes anymore.

So I have this friend who seems to want to stay in contact with me and that is fine. But the company they keep isn’t all that great, so have no desire to go any further than being friends.

Once Ashley moves out I am back in my home and can fix it up. So excited about that.

So I cleaned the liter boxes today and the bunny liter box gave him fresh food, and forgot to add water in his water dish. I hope someone does it at the house. He feels so neglected at the moment. Can’t wait to let him out in Ashley’s old room once she gets all her stuff out.

My kitty Pixy has gotten so big. She is 9 weeks old now. And so sweet and loveable. I miss being with her. I don’t really know if I want Ashley to take her at least until she gets settled in.

Boomer wants to go home I can see it in his eyes. He is mad at me for leaving him here with a man that doesn’t want him around. It has pissed me off. So going to go home early tomorrow. Not gonna deal with it.

I’m starting this business as an affiliate with Ebay and Amazon and also started being a partner driver for Uber. Can’t wait to see how this all works out.

Ah and cleaning going to advertise folks, ovens, fridges bathrooms, scrubbing walls the things people hate doing will do them for you for a set rate, and babysitting your underage children during the holidays. A responsible adult female with a car and can work anytime so give me a try.

In search of

The ideal mate. Is there one out there for everyone or should we all live alone in peace and tranquility. I have recently signed up with a dating site called Connecting Singles and I must say I have had a lot of interest in it. I haven’t been happy in with the choice of single men around here they are divorced for a reason, and a lot not to be trusted in my experience. So with that I went searching abroad and realize there are a lot of single men out there that are in my same situation. I hope to find companionship a long tern relationship one where each other respects the other person, and doesn’t try to control each other. That is all I want. My friends tell me try and be alone for awhile, maybe I don’t want that.Maybe I’m looking for that ideal partner one that shares my interest and want to explore the world with their mate. So with that wish me luck in my journey. I already have a couple really good prospects of a lasting relationship. So will see where it leads.

Been awhile

I’m sorry guys it has been awhile since I have posted, been kinda slacking in this area. I’m back into trying new recipes again. I have some pinto beans in the pot as we speak. Will take a picture and send recipe when it is done. Last one with the sweet potatoes was a disaster. I’m sitting here nursing my ankle trying to keep the swelling down, and I’m at Ronnie’s house this weekend. Hopefully I can get a break and can stay off my foot. Last night I slept so good, it was nice to sleep all night without interuption

On my way

Well I am that much closer to my goal. I am meeting with someone on Friday about a possible change of location for me. I am still searching for a sublet for Ashley. I found one for her possibly in Durham downtown close to Whole Food Market.  I need to close my eyes but have so much going on in my mind right now.I am not jumping the gun with the first place I look at. But the location of this one and the price is right and the fact that I can have Boomer makes it perfect. The young man I spoke to seems nice enough. I need to find someone to go with me so I am not alone to meet this person and get their input. Not sure who my sis or my daughter. Anyway, felt this is a good start for my Tobefreeagain blog. I can only break away from Ronnie compeletly by moving out of town away from this area.